Friday, 18 March 2011

'Fancy' Flashback Friday

This week I'm taking you back to 1997, the year I discovered that I LOVE fancy dress!

Before this I hated dressing up, I'd never know what to wear, and would worry that I would look stupid, but then I met AJ... the biggest fan of dressing up ever!

In 1997 we were invited to am 18th birthday party in a local hotel, we didn't actually know the birthday girl, she was a friend of a friend but it was a big hall and we were making up the numbers! AJ was very excited but I was somewhat less than enthusiastic, we had big debates what to wear and he asked me what I would most like to wear if I could choose anything.

That was an easy question, a wedding dress! Well it just so happens that his Mum makes wedding dresses for a living and she had a dress that she had made for a Bridal fair, and it was black and white. From this the plan for my costume came to life. I was to be "Bride of Dracula"  (Yes, I realise that it should be "Bride of Frankenstein" but AJ was doing Dracula so we bent the rules!)

When AJ dresses up, he really goes to town. He wanted to do "Bram Stoker's Dracula"  so we hired the film to check the exact costume and then spent ages trying to find blue sunglasses! He brought a white plastic skull, sprayed it silver and stuck it onto a cut down broomstick painted black to make his cane.  He grew his beard, dyed it and then on the day cut it to the correct shape!

My mother-in-law made me a black veil for my outfit and then we finished it off with gothic make up and black false nails. When we met our friends in the pub first AJ was asked where I was as no-one recognised me!

The party was good, lots of excellent costumes but I had so many great comments on mine, I think I even accidentally 'outdid' the birthday girl who was in a hired Cinderella costume. My dress was big, and it had a four foot train, I didn't really go unnoticed!

From that day, I've always enjoyed fancy dress and like AJ I now try my best to do it 'properly'! We've done many different things over the years, I'm sure I'll be digging some more out for future Flashback Fridays!


  1. Haha you both look fab! But shame on you for outdoing the birthday girl ;)

  2. You both look great! I used to dress up in fancy dress a lot when I was with my ex, as there we always parties and new years eve celebrations where we would all get dressed up in different guises! Love it xx

  3. Ah, would love to see a photo.... maybe a future Friday flashback for you ;)

  4. I didn't mean to! (but was secretly impressed about it!)


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