Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Listography -

This week Kate asks us what out top five annoying kids programmes are, I've been reading through everyone else's lists and feeling quite grateful that we don't get most of those programmes shown on our channels, that's one benefit of our rubbish selection I suppose!

Although the small selection does mean that the programmes get repeated A LOT, and by that I mean sometimes twice an hour on the BBC Entertainment Cbeebies, let me tell you that can make even the best shows   annoying. 

1. Me Too - this is the most annoying programme by far. What the hell is the point of this crap! Sorry going into a bit of a rant now but this programme actually pains me to watch. It's not been on for a while and the songs will not leave my head. It is truly the worst thing I have ever seen.

2. Balamory - I've noticed this on a few peoples lists, I can only assume they haven't seen 'Me Too' as that makes Balamory look good. But that's not to say it is, and they couldn't be any more politically correct which also winds me up. 

3. Barney & Friends - Leo loves Barney, he gets really excited when it starts and dances about shouting "Baba" for that reason I do like it, it taught him the colour 'purple' which was the first colour he knew. But... I would love to go and kick the crap out of that big purple thing. Actually it's not Barney himself that annoys me, it's the ridiculously happy kids I'd really like to punch but that might be a bit harsh!

4. Tweenies - Annoying voices, too loud and too colourful - gives me a headache!

5. Teletubbies - I actually don't mind the Teleubbies at all, it's a very easy programme to ignore I find, however when they do the video clip thing it really annoys me that they show the same thing twice. 

To see what everyone else is ranting about (it's not just me honest!) head over to Kate takes 5

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  1. Can't tell you how glad I am that we managed to dodge the Barney years. Glad to see Balamory in there :)

  2. Omg I am sooo with you on these programmes all sooooooo annoying! Hmm I may have to compile my own list now!! You may see sme of these in my list! Xx

  3. Ohhh lol this is old listography so I am too late x

  4. I agree me too is the worst programme. Why is she called Granny when she's only 40 odd. Why do the children have to tell the adults where to go to work, how would they know? Why do all the adults act like children? The list goes on. 

  5. I think Me Too and Balamory are made by the same company hence explaining why they are (almost) equally annoying - although I'd have to agree that Me Too has the edge. I cannot stand Teletubbies yet it seems to make JW very happy unfortunately. And one of the worst for me has to be Baby Jake, again JW seems to love it. Geez, you really got me going there! Great post! x

  6. I've never seen Baby Jake, and that's probably a good thing from the things I've heard!

  7. Haha, loving these lists, I started joining in with the listography's months after this one so missed this list, bum! :-) Completely with you on the Me Too programme, insanely annoying. Especially how they all 'forget' the way to work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY so you have to sing the way to them. ER, hello?! You've forgotten again?! Bloody sieve for brains... :-)

  8. Oh this brings back memories as I did this Listography too. Still hate Barney and Balamory but The Teletubbies are now firm favourites in this house!

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase (and for adding the badge!)

  9. ghostwritermummy9 October 2012 at 20:36

    My daughter used to LOVE Barney and we would cringe the whole time!! But we do have realyl cute footage of her singing that song...

  10. Luckily I've not really encountered much of these programmes. Until recently I'd never even watch an episode of Teletubbies but they're showing it on cbeebies at the moment and my little girl really likes it. She also loves Balamory which I don't mind. I did see Me Too once and thought it was very much a poor man's Balamory.

  11. Oh I agree with all of the above!


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