Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Discovering Cyprus

I started this blog initially as a record of our move to Cyprus and to document our adventures in our new country, I had got a little distracted so I'm getting back on track......

Since we've been here we haven't done much 'touristy stuff' except when we've had visitors, AJ is at work most of the time and it's not so much fun doing these things on your own, especially when you could do with an extra pair of hands to deal with a baby and associated baggage!  This year will be different, I have lots of things in mind to do and hopefully I'll be able to share them and you can 'see' some of Cyprus.
I've set up a dedicated "Discovering Cyprus" section and even made a button for it!
A matter of choice

Click the button to see what we've discovered so far.


  1. The nature of blogs seems to be getting off-topic ... my blog has had several focus changes along the way, and everything once in awhile I have to do a "public deep breath" refocusing it. It'll be nice to see the chronicles (and pics) of Cyprus, but it's a pleasure to read the other stuff, too. : )

  2. Thank you, I'll still be doing the other stuff too, just wanted more of a balance :)


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