Thursday, 6 January 2011


It's amazing how a decade can go so fast, even with an extra year tagged onto the end!

I've been reading a lot of brilliant end of year / new year blog posts in the last few days and one of my favourites has been from Pixe's Mum at Doing it all for Aleyna She has been looking back over the last 10  years and reflecting on what she has achieved. 

I was 22 as the new millennium dawned and that seems like a lifetime ago, as you can probably imagine my life is now very different. Over the years I think I've achieved quite a lot...........
  • Realised I can live on my own and survive
  • Travelled to Cuba, Mexico, Antigua, Ibiza, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Menorca,  and Cyprus :)
  • Worked for nearly three years in a Travel Agents (hence the previous point!) 
  • Been a bridesmaid
  • Got married to my lovely hubby 
  • Had a gorgeous baby boy
  • Brought my first house with my hubby
  • Sold first house and brought an apartment - a penthouse apartment with sea views no less!
  • Emigrated to Cyprus
  • Met Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Show creator)
  • Met Timmy Mallet and got hit on the head with the big foam mallet! (ok, maybe not such an achievement!)
  • Took an evening class in Learning Greek
  • Stayed in one job for over five years.... previous best was almost three!
  • Lost four stone in weight
  • Came second in the Slimming World regional finals for Woman of the Year 2008
  • Completed a course in Wedding Planning (now just need to do something with it!)
  • Started a blog (and got 88 followers so far!)
Wonder what I'll be saying in 2020?


  1. I loved your Blog whow you are amazing. I take my hat of to all you have achieved so far, including losing all that weight. I hope the next decade will bring you happiness, thrills and joy....I'll be back for more! x

  2. Wowza!!! I really have to try this one. It's really amazing what we achieve in a few years, sin't it? XXX

  3. Wow that is ten years well spent. Here's to the next 10!

  4. Emma, thank you so much for the mention and I am so glad you have done yours too, it feels great doesn't it? And now you can look back on that every time you are having a bad day and see how amazing you are. You must be so proud of those . We seem to have led parrallel lives but I think you got the better deal because you went Greek! Don't EVER tell my Turkish husband I said that! Next stop Wedding Planner I reckon. Loads of love, Alex @ AllforAleyna xxxx

  5. Well done Emma, another thing you have done is to make us very proud parents.

  6. Congratulations thats quite a list - I like to do this too - it always makes me feel like Im making progress in my life. Im a bugger for never standing still and always striving so I like to reflect on what Ive done too xx

  7. Lauren "real housewife"9 October 2012 at 20:13

    I totally misread your list at first and thought this was all you'd done last year.

    Still that is quite a list. You've had an amazing 10 years.
    Its a great idea to write it all down and be able to look over and see your achievements.

  8. You've done loads! And I personally think that being bopped on the head by Mallett's mallett is a massive achievement. I would love to be a wedding planner, how cool is that?

    Thanks for linking up to SOSC!

  9. parallel lives!  Similar to mine "and just what do you know" - think I might have been around a little longer somehow.

    Well done well placed
    Tracy Mitchell

  10. Fab post, sounds like you have done a lot already.  Wonder what I will be saying next time :-)

  11. Reluctant Housedad9 October 2012 at 20:13

    Great post. Really inspiring. Might have a go at something like that myself. It's good to remind yourself that life might be hard, but you've achieved a lot. Really like it. 

  12. @somethingblue_29 October 2012 at 20:13

    Wow that's quite a list of achievements - well done! Love this post and the idea of looking back at the bigger picture. May have a go myself to remind me of how far I've come. 

  13. Well done Emma - you have achieved a lot of great things during the last decade. It's scary how fast a decade can pass us by isn't it? do you think you will put your wedding planner skills to good use?would make for a very interesting job :)

  14. I really enjoyed doing it, makes you stop and appreciate all you've achieved.

  15. You should, let me know if you do I'd like to have a read :)

  16. Give it a go, it does make you realise that you've achieved lots!

  17. Found this via Showcase! I'm sure the list in 2020 will be just as interesting! 

  18. Awesome list of achievements, it's amazing how much you can think of when you write it all down. I might have a go at this myself, I need a bit of validation at the moment!


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