Thursday, 13 January 2011


It's list time again, this week Kate asks us to share the Top 5 Places you have visited. I've always loved travelling so had to give this a bit of thought.

When I say travelling obviously I mean travelling to nice shiny holiday destinations not packing my life in a backpack and going off on a random journey round the world, I like the sound of that but only in theory!

1. Cyprus - An obvious choice as it is now our home. If you've been reading since the start of my blog you'll know we had spent  hardly any time at all in Cyprus before we decided to move here so it's pretty lucky it has grown on me so much! The first time I walked into Larnaca airport though I felt like I had come home.

Macronissos Beach
2. Cancun, Mexico -  (the Moon Palace to be more specific) This was our honeymoon destination and it was by far the nicest place I have ever stayed, it was a brilliant 2 weeks. We had a jacuzzi in our room, there were 2 swim up bars and the pool was a mile long, oh and I was with my new hubby!

3. Bognor Regis - No, I can't believe I'm following Cancun with Bognor either but I've had some of my best times at good ol' Butlins down there. Several holidays as a child and many adult weekends with good friends back in the "child free drink until you can't stand, sleep then do it all over again" days.

4. Isle of Wight - maybe another odd choice considering some of the more interesting and far flung sunny destinations but as a child I had some brilliant holidays there. There seemed to be so many interesting things to do  (Blackgang Chine and the Waxwork museum immediately spring to mind) of course there is a fair chance we had to find interesting things to do because it was raining but it always seems better looking back doesn't it!

5 Paris - My first ever city break, AJ surprised me with a trip to Paris for Christmas the first year we were married. I was surprised how much I loved it, not a big fan of London I assumed I'd feel  a similar way to Paris but we had an amazing weekend.  He took me on a bateaux mouche and we went to the Moulin Rouge which were both amazing. I'd love to go back one day.



  1. I love the Isle of Wight--we took the girls there last year. Cancun and the Moon Palace are pretty hard to beat as far as Paradise goes. A good list, am pining after sunshine now!

  2. I love your list especially the Isle wight and Bognor great seaside holiday places.

  3. I haven't been to any of those - but I'm keen to go now!

  4. We went to Isle of Wight last year for our family holiday and I absolutely loved it. The weather helped - my boy even got sunstroke! Love the list but I am pining for 5 star luxury sunshine now too...


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