Have you got the January blues?

Traditionally I hate January,  it has always seemed like the never ending month. Most January's I can remember have seen me sitting in a boring dead-end  job watching the rain on the windows and waiting for the big bad month to end and pay day to arrive.

Apparently today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Ah you gotta the positive thinking Brits haven't you!  I can see their point, the excitement of Christmas seems long gone, but the wait until pay day seems like a lifetime. Many New Year resolutions will have already been broken, and it's cold, dark, wet and miserable and summer is a long way off.

I thought I'd escape January blues out here in Cyprus but funnily enough this is the view from my balcony at the moment.....

It's not bad though, January is the worst month here it just gets better from here on in. February last year gave us some bad rain storms and we may have had some rain in March but that was it then until the end of October.  My mood has always been far too closely related to the weather so it's probably good that I'm here. 

The blues still didn't escape me though, I'm playing a waiting game at the moment, waiting for a cheque to arrive so we can sort out a million and one things that we have put off for months. I'm waiting to be able to buy a washing machine so I don't have to traipse downstairs to use my parents with a lively toddler in tow, I'm waiting for the new Slimming World to open so I can get on with losing my last stone, most of all I'm waiting for my parents to arrive as I haven't seen them since August. 

That was last week though, this week I've got lots of things planned and we are getting closer to all of the above every day. That's the secret to January, you have to run head first into the month, in fact you should plan in it December just so it doesn't take you by surprise!

Oh and I just found out that name Blue Monday was given to this day by Sky Travel (according to Wikipedia) so it's marketing hype anyway. A genius idea though as it's really stuck!


  1. Thank you for the cheque-delivery vibes they worked, it came last week!

  2. I ha ve always hated January as well... It's so dull - even in Amman the weather is getting to me, it's cold and cloudy and beurk... Longing for white sandy beaches, hot weather and some kind of cocktail togo with it. But no, ain't gonna happen, at least not this year!... One day maybe!

  3. Explains why I am so tired and fed up today, even if it is just marketing :) Jen

  4. Don't worry you're not missing much back in England. That was pretty much the view from my window today too. Just grey and wet.

  5. But we are over the half-way mark! February is calling and so is spring - hoorah...

  6. Come on cheque!! Sending you my cheque- delivery vibes.

    Amazing how blue is such a beautiful, calming colour yet "blue Monday" sounds so depressing and ordinary. I'd rather "Purple Patchwork Monday" or even "Bluish Monday" but I don't think they'll catch on.


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