Friday, 14 January 2011

The Gallery

Yesterday I got my first (possibly last but never say never) tattoo. It is not yet finished and I had planned on waiting until it was all done for the tattoo blog post, but how could I when this weeks Gallery prompt was Body parts. 

Once I would have said this would be the least likely thing I would ever do, but apparently stranger things have happened, couldn't tell you what they are but it's what I've heard! I've spent my whole life hating tattoos with a passion but last year gradually came to the conclusion that I wanted one. Our friend Marc works at Blood Brothers in Agia Napa and he's very good at what he does, this played a big part in it as I knew he would do a fantastic job. 

AJ is a big tattoo fan, he came up with the idea for this one for me and Marc designed it. The ribbons behind the flowers are shaped into 29.05.09 which is Leo's date of birth.

I was really worried about how much it would hurt, it DID hurt but I survived and it did take just over 3 hours! When it is healed I need to go back and get it finished, the flowers need to be highlighted, it was just a bit too much to have it all done in one go.


  1. oh wow, it is fab. You have to post a pic when it is finished :) Jen

  2. Wow...that is impressive! I had one tattoo in 1998 and always wanted more.


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