Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A walk in the park

Throughout the summer I had been talking of my plan to get out and explore Cyprus a little bit more, although I was waiting for the temperatures to drop a little so we could enjoy the exploring without getting heatstroke!

I've been without a car for a while so this didn't help, but I do need to leave the house at some point each day for the sake of my sanity. We have a park which you can see from our balcony, very handy indeed!

Monument in the park, although I'm yet to find out exactly what it's for.
We sometimes meet a few other  Mums and kids there but Leo and I often just pop over for half an hour just before cabin fever sets in.

It's a great park for Leo, he loves to explore and run away from me, and there are lots of little pathways and different sections for him to tire himself out in to do this. There is also an aviary which he likes to look at. (not a particularly bird friendly one but Leo likes it!) 

Deep in thought!

He has just discovered the playground recently, he spent about 20 minutes walking back and forth across this bridge.

and then eventually realised there was a slide at one end but was a little unsure about it.

I now have my car back, a fact I am eternally grateful for, as much as I like the park there are only so many times you want to walk up and down the same section of slope following a toddler. There are a whole host of places I would like to see so I will try and remember my camera so I can share them with you.

Next on my list is the chapel of Prophet Elias, the church on the hill in Protaras, I've been wanting to go there for a while but needed Leo to be able to walk up a very large flight of stairs as there is no chance of getting up to the top carrying a buggy...... there are 153 steps!

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