Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year's Eve Memories

I love New Year's Eve, It seems that lots of people hate it but it's always been an important night for me.

I've always loved it, ever since the parties that weren't really parties that my parents used to hold every year.  My Mum called it a gathering, and that's maybe what it would have been without my Dad and the important elements of plenty of whisky and Chas & Dave.

We usually had a handful of people round, a few friends and a couple of neighbours maybe. I was always the only child and I generally allowed to stay up as long as I got into my pyjamas. (It's a good idea, partying in pyjama is the way forward I think, can literally fall into bed!)

I think these nights are where I got my love of parties  gatherings from, I loved the preparation, the fact that we used to turn the dining table round across the patio doors was a big excitement for me ( I was young, it didn't take much!) I used to help Mum put out nibbles, sausage rolls, cheesey biscuits, mince pies etc.

Dad was in charge of music and drinks, I always remember Daytrip to Bangor, - worryingly I still know all the words. Rabbit - Dad used to tell me this was my song, I was really pleased until I realised why! Ain't no pleasing you - Dad always used to sing this to Mum, and I loved the fact that Aaron once sang this to me when it was randomly played somewhere. and Sunshine Girl which was always my favourite as Dad used to sing it to me.

Dad in 1987
At midnight we always went outside, the first year I remember being a bit disappointed as I thought something interesting was going to happen - don't know what. I realise now it's a tradition of Mum's - her Dad would have been doing the exact same thing. When she was little they knew everyone in the street and there would have been plenty of people doing the same thing.  We used to open the back door too, to let out the old year I think and the new through the front. I may have just made that bit up, but I have been doing it ever since!

After seeing in the New Year on the porch, Mum would speak to Grandad on the phone. He used to always see the year in with a drink and then speak to us before going to bed.

We always sung Auld Lang Syne

In later years, (when I was allowed to stay dressed until the end!) once everyone had gone I loved to walk the dog with Dad, I always asked to go as it seemed really exciting to go out at that time of night. Inevitably though it was no more interesting than any other time of night and I was always knackered, but it didn't stop me the next year.

 This year we have some friends round and we will Skype my Mum and Dad (moved on a little from the lovely brown phone in the photo!) it will be strange as we will do it at our New Year, which will only be 10pm in England.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have fun and I wish you all the best for 2011.


  1. It is an old Irish tradition to open the back and front door at midnight, the new year comes in the front door and the old year goes out the back. So I don't think you made it up :D Happy New Year. Jen

  2. I am sure there is a tradition about bringing coal, bread and money I think into the house and midnight to signify a year of warmth, food and wealth or something. Not sure where that's from.

    Anyway, hope you have a very happy new year! I will think about you at 10.00!

  3. Love the pics and the memories. Happy New Year! Have a great gathering/party!

  4. What lovely memories :)
    I remember my nan doing the open the back door thing too - makes good sense really! And we always had to have a tall dark haired man be the first in after midnight, preferably carrying some coal, bread & booze... as you do! :P

    Happy New Year, have a good one!

  5. You are right about the front and back doors, we will be doing the same tonight. On our first New Year's eve at Bromley, many years ago now, we invited the previous owners. They said it had been the best New Year's Eve, they had ever spent in that house, out of all the years they had lived there!! At Midnight, Dad and I will be on the door step, raising our glasses once more! 'Happy New Year' everyone.

  6. What a great post - and that photo of your dad is a CLASSIC!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2011 be a wonderful year for you and your family.

  7. Dad says you do realise that the top was still on the bottle and he was only pretending for the camera...............................


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