Wednesday, 22 December 2010

This is love...

This week's Gallery prompt is a cracker...... LOVE.  

Every week when I first read the prompt several photos pop straight into my mind, this week the first was a black and white one of Leo and me, followed by one of our wedding photos. Then it occurred to me, who first showed me what love is....

This is my parents on their wedding day back in 1974.  They taught me by example what Love is.
They have had few days apart since meeting and would always rather spend time with each other above anybody else (well maybe expect me!)  I've never known them to have an argument, although I know that doesn't mean they haven't  - I'm sure they must have had words at least at some point in 36 years! Like me though they are not the arguing type, something else they taught me.

It is rumoured that Mum once poured a glass of vodka over Dad,  - a story I have grown up hearing and although I don't think I'm ever going to know what actually happened it would amuse me more if she did do it deliberately.

Dancing at Mum's 60th birthday party

They met on a blind date,  Mum's friend had told her she would find her a date, Mum was totally against the idea but said in jest she wouldn't mind a nice fireman. Her friend decided this was a great idea and off she went to the fire station. Unfortunately (or fortunately it turns out!) the firemen were all out on a job so she popped into the Police Station. She asked the guy on the desk if he knew anyone who was at least 27 years old (Mum was adamant she would not have another boyfriend younger than her) and would like to escort her friend to a dinner party.

Well, it was their lucky day, the guy on the desk said yes, he did know someone - He would be happy to do it, and the rest is history!

A day out in 2010


  1. Aww! What a lovely post and tribute to your mum and dad! They look a happy couple still very much in love. You are lucky to have your parents still together. It's great how they got together aswell xxx

  2. Gosh, what a romantic story!

    A brilliant take on the theme!

  3. ahhh.
    thanks so sweet.
    happy christmas. x

  4. Beautiful tribute to your parents and yes they are the ones who teach us what love is.
    Love the 70's wedding photo! :)

  5. Great pictures and a great tribute :)

  6. Although we are obviously biased, it is a lovely post from an even lovelier daughter - thanks love Mum and Dad

  7. Aw, that's absolutely wonderful! How lucky they are to have each other and how lucky you are to have them as role models! They've obviously taught you well.

  8. Wonderful story and lovely pictures.

  9. This is weird. (1) My parents met on a blind date (2) My dad also had a book he'd list the video recordings in and (3) I'm sure I saw you mention Bromley in one of your posts a while ago... It's where I grew up!

  10. Lovely story of love being found.

  11. Wonderful story! Your parents look so happy together :)

  12. Aww what a lovely story!
    It's so beautiful to read about a true love that has stood the test of time!
    Thanks for sharing x

  13. Wonderful story. I'd love to know their secret for not arguing.
    Visiting from The Fibro. :)

  14. Adorable. I really LOVE reading about these relationships that are based in love and are able to sustain. There is so much hope on that...

    (Visting from the Fibro...)

  15. Oh how I love a good love story! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Aaaaawwwww... what a beautiful love story. x

  17. Oh, how I love a good love story.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  18. oh Emma i love this story of how your parents met and fell in love - what an utterly amazing story! one to tell the grand kids (and worldwide web!) . i really admire how they have stayed together and are still so happy. aww this story has made my day x


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