It's going to be a very MERRY Christmas!

As you may have gathered from some of my previous blog posts, here and here,  I can often be persuaded to have a drink or three.  I'm not able to have the nights out that I once did, not until the babysitters m parents move over early next year anyway, but that won't stop me having a few festive drinks over the next couple of weeks.

One of the items on my 101 list is to fill my entire wine rack at least once! I hadn't  managed it in a year of living here as it holds 30 bottles!

Until today that is.....

We are finally full - yay!
I don't think this will happen very often as that is quite a lot of alcohol to have, but maybe we'll make it a Christmas tradition. Should keep us going into the New Year anyway (if it doesn't I think we have bigger problems!)

I'm pleased to find on offer the other day "Whisky Cream Liquer" (otherwise known as cheap Baileys!) 2.99 euros a bottle  - it's my no.1 Christmas drink.

Also in there are 3 bottles of whisky - AJ's drink of choice. One for Christmas, one for New Year and one so he still has some left for those events!  Then we have vodka and mailbu - my usual drinks, which one I go for depends on my mood! We also have white rum, for when I run out of vodka and mailbu!

Oh, and some wine, quite a lot of wine in fact - good job it's cheap as chips out here.(I think it actually might be cheaper come to think of it)

The only problem is....I forgot to buy any mixers!

What's your tipple? Do you have a "Christmas drink"?


  1. I had a 110 bottle wine rack in my old house - we nearly filled it! And then I drank most of it post marriage break up ;-)

  2. My brother's girlfriend works for M and S online so we just took advantage of a whopping 50% off vino. We just need a wine rack now...
    Plus ecotricity sent me a £50 naked wines voucher for staying with them over npower - get in!
    Fancy some malibu though!

  3. Wow! Suitably impressed with your collection. My real question is: does the non-Bailey's Bailey's taste like the real thing. Because THAT is my holiday tipple. Bailey's on the Rocks. And a bit of champagne on Christmas morning. I'd like to see the wine rack again AFTER New Years to see what you've accomplished! ;)


  4. Do I like a festive drink? Do I like full wine racks? Well put it this way. Once upon a time (2/3 weeks ago)I had built up to a full wine rack. Most of which were for Christmas pressies.

    Then it snowed. A LOT. We were stuck indoors you see. it was boring and cold and....thirst inducing.

    I am now building up my Christmas wine rack again...hic.

    And more snow is on the way!!

    xx Jazzy

  5. @Becky - ooh bet that was a hangover!

    @Alexander Residence - you'll just have to drink it all if youve got nowhere to put it :)

    @Kairn - I think it tastes like proper baileys, I've been drinking the cheap one so long I've forgotten!

    @Jazzygirl - oops! Not your fault I can imagine the snow is very thirst inducing, and it's really bad to be dehydrated in the snow... or was that sun? Oh well better to be safe than sorry :)


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