Monday, 13 December 2010

The Church on the hill

I love it when we have people come out to see us, not only is it great to see them but it means that we get out and about and do 'touristy things'. Last week we had a visit from a good friend,Leo's Godfather in fact and like AJ he is a bit of a photography fan so we tried to take him to some photogenic places.

One of these is the Chapel of Prophet Eilas,  named after the Prophet Elijah and is built on a granite hill with almost vertical sides, right in the heart of the tourist area of Protaras. There are 153 stone built steps up to the church (no, I didn't count them, I just read that in a book!) so although I have wanted to go for a while now, (it's even on my 101 list) we have put it off as it's not a buggy friendly activity! However now he's walking well we thought we'd give it a shot......

Lots of steps for little legs!
Walked all the way up with Daddy.
 I'm glad AJ was there, Leo walked up very well but had to be carried down most of the way - the steps are a little uneven in places and I would not have fancied carrying a wriggly toddler.

I was initially surprised at the sight of the trees surrounding the chapel, on first glance they appear to be covered in rubbish. In fact on closer inspection it can still look like that but in fact they are draped in tributes to lost loved ones.  There was a mixture of laminated letters and photos, plastic bottles with messages inside and hundreds of bits of rag (I assume from the departed's clothing) tied all over. I spent quite a while looking at the lovely tributes.

The views from the top are great as well....


  1. I love this church - it's a hike up to it, but well worth it! And really spectacular at night too

  2. We are looking forward to going there with you all. Do you remember the song 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree'? Like the rag Tree, memories are gathered.


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