What's the secret to sleep?

I need a plan, I need a plan so we can get some more sleep. I will Google a solution in a minute, but first I will have a little rant and share with my lovely readers....lots of whom are Mums of various age children and might just give me some useful advice.

Leo does not sleep through the night, he did for a while but that seems like a distant memory right now. As a small baby he went to bed at 7pm, fed like clockwork at 11pm, 3am then waking at 7am - perfect. At that time I admit I did slightly look forward to the days when he would drop the 3am feed, now I wish we were still on that routine as it was better than were we are 18 months down the line.

Where did I go wrong? I'm fairly sure I know, the question is how the hell do I get out of this?

By the time he was 6 months old he was sleeping through some nights, he usually still had an 11pm ish bottle but that was fine. Then we had some time staying with friends before our move to Cyprus. He was teething and unsettled and I was worried about waking the household up, so I sat with him in the night, gave him more milk, whatever I thought might keep him quiet and go back to sleep.

Then we moved, it was new, unsettling (for me maybe more than him!) he learnt to sit up and would cry until someone laid him back down. No problem, that was a phase which passed.

He had a cold, more teeth, no blackout blinds and a host of random things which occurred between November and May which I understood would cause problems.  Wait till he's one I said, then we'll cut the bottles, and he'll sleep all night and all will be well.

His birthday came and went straight into a fever, mosquito bites and room temperatures of 35 degrees at night.

So, now what do I do?

He wakes at least 3 times in the night, sometimes he will have a drink and go straight back to sleep, sometimes he's stuck his leg through the bars but more often than not there is no obvious reason.  The last two nights have been the worst, he will scream and scream until he is picked up and start again as soon as you put him down unless he is already fast asleep.

I'm off now to Google "controlled crying" (from what I've seen it appears to be controversial but anything is worth a shot right now) and then I'm going to bed....and it's only 9pm.

At one week old, back in the day when we all got sleep!

Do your children sleep well? Any suggestions?  I'll be forever grateful, once I've caught up on some sleep that is!


  1. Controlled crying is a little harsh. Try the Pick Up Put Down method, google Baby Whisperer and PUPD. It takes a few nights and is a much milder/kinder version of what you are googling. It does work:) Jen

  2. My lil man is 18 months and he did that for a while when teething. I found if you change the routine during the day it helps. If he has a full tummy going to bed he rarely wakes up. He only gets a 45 minute nap during the day too. Sleep deprivation is the worst!

  3. I won't comment on this post as - touch wood - my little girl has always been a really good sleeper. However, I will try and cheer you up by telling you to check out my blog tonight. My latest post is just for you x

  4. Jen - I've had a look and that seems much better, just need to convince hubby who thinks we should just cuddle him back to sleep!

    lifeasweknowit - hadn't thought of daytime naps he has anything from an hour to two.

    photopuddle - thank you for your lovely post, and I hope you haved jinxed yourself by saying she's a good sleeper!

  5. My little guy is a great sleeping. He sleeps around midnight through to 5am-6am and then wakes at 8am to start his day... and I found out real quick that it's because of the baby massage I give him after his bath at night. I missed his massage one night and he woke. I know teething can prevent kids from sleeping as well but apparently massaging a baby before bed really helps sooth them and relaxes them as they fall asleep.

    G'luck. It's hard when you can't get any sleep at night - especially if you're like me and enjoys sleep! LOL

  6. Your little one is a little bit younger than mine and he was up at least 3 times a night too, up until about 4/5 months ago. I really did try everything. We had him come in and sleep with us most of the time in the end just to get some rest and I really still have no issue with this when he gets a little upset in the night. I think for me, it ended up that I was so on edge that I was in a very very light sleep all night, every night and in the end I went to the docs who gave me tamazapan. I took this for 4 nights and OH covered the night shifts during this time. We also moved him from his cot to a bed as he wriggles around so much at night, he was waking himself up by ending up banging the bars of the cot (this might help you?). I haven't looked back since this and never had to take the tablets again. Whether he was picking up on what was happening with me, whether it was the new bed or what, I really can't say, but I woke on day 5 realising that I hadn't actually slept properly like that since he was born. As mentioned I now get the odd occasion maybe once during the night, but that's it! It will come to you and you will feel like a new woman when it does!!

  7. Thanksm Momma j Lee and yummymummy,
    We tried something between controlled crying and pick up/put down (baby whisperer) and it seems to have worked!
    The last few nights he has gone to bed with no problems and slept all night!

  8. Found you from my blog post on sleep!...Glad to hear things have ironed themselves out, but I feel your pain. Hope he continues to do his sleeping thing - we have decided against CC or PUPD as we are both too chicken! Maybe one day our need for sleep will overpower us :)

  9. awwww look at him! i can see Louka in him here x


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