Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Gallery - Show me the funny

This weeks Gallery was very tricky, yes I do realise I often say that but the problem this week was slightly different. You see the prompt was "Show me the funny" as usual I have a whole host of photos I could use, and a hundred funny stories to go with them.  When you have been to the amount of adult only Butlins weekends as we have and held as many parties with our mad bunch of friends it's inevitable really.

My favourite is a friend of our dancing in his boxer shorts at a fancy dress party we had, holding a bottle of champagne in one hand. I also have a whole series of photos taken over a couple of years of a friend posing with cleaning cones - it turned into a tradition every time we went away! I could go on and on. The reason I haven't used them is the fact that although I may be in a different country now but I think those involved may jump on a plane and come and slap me round the head.

Instead I give you....

These were taken back in March when 3 of our very good friends came to see us, they were staying in an apartment downstairs and the girls had popped down during one evening to get something.  One of the boys (probably AJ ) suggested that it would be funny to hide by the lift and surprise them when they came out.

I was ready, as ever with the camera and surprisingly got two photos as I was laughing so much. They were both screamed and for some reason both dived on the floor!

Sorry girls if you read this, but you know I could have found much worse photos!


  1. You have definitely caught the funny, love those moments when you properly crack up with laughter. Great to see some grown up funnies.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm following you too... Its so great that you're in Cyprus!

    I'm so glad you found me, I'll be stopping by your blog often :)

  3. Hilarious, looks like a little bit of wee might have come out!

  4. @Penny - it was definitely one of those moments!

    @babygenie - Couldn't possibly comment :)


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