Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Normal service will be resumed shortly!

Please bear with me dear readers, all has not been normal in our household for what now seems like a lifetime!

After planning to get back to normality after my 3 weeks in the UK and our visitors with us for the following 4 we have been attacked by illness. I started it unfortunately with a cold which I battled through (and managed to drink through the pain on my birthday celebrations...more about that later!) and then kindly passed it to AJ where it turned into manflu :)

Just as he was recovering Leo got a sickness bug which he has passed to me, and as of this morning I have now given to AJ. Leo seems fine now thankfully and I'm a lot better but not quite back on top form.

Hopefully it won't be long now until all is well here once again.


  1. Oh no, hope you all get well soon x

  2. Thank you, we're getting there slowly!


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