Sunday, 29 August 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Hello there! Are you still with me?

I'm back after my UK trip and very glad to be home again. Although it was nice to catch up with family and friends it was a lot harder than I anticipated. Strangely the bit I was most worried about was the flights but they were not that bad. The difficulty came in moving about as we stayed in four different places and Leo didn't know whether he was coming or going! I hadn't realised what a difference it makes when AJ gets home, even if it is usually after Leo's bedtime. 

It was lovely to see my parents and best friends, and for them to see Leo. He learnt several things whilst away, AJ could not believe how much he had changed in 3 weeks. He has become very talkative and loving - giving everyone kisses and "high fives"  

Another good thing about the trip is that I realised that a lot of the things I thought I was missing are not that important to me now. The things I love about living in Cyprus more definitely outweigh the things I don't anyway and you can't have it all! 

I had planned to blog whilst away but didn't have much free time at all, with busy days and evening spent trying (and often failing) to get Leo to bed at a sensible hour. But never fear dear readers I have returned and you are not forgotten!

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