Thursday, 22 July 2010

Writing Workshop

After several weeks of reading posts for the Writing Workshop I thought I'd give it a go. I chose the prompt Storm.  It's a bit of a cheat as I did write this some time ago.....

Bang goes the gate, 
There goes the crate, flying down the lane.
Crash, Smash, Oh No! Now it's the window pane.
Lying in bed listening to the horrible wind, the horrible whistling wooshing wind, 
The wind that damages everything. 
Clang goes the dustbin lid against the trees, 
it's not just a normal little breeze.
The trees fall down like a domino rally, 
and the whistling wind down the alley.
The howling wind goes on all night, 
and then, Oh no! Out goes the light.
The banging and clanging soon will stop, 
and everyone will have a busy job.
The moaning, groaning horrible wind, that rips of tiles and everything.
The howling wind goes on all night, it's enough to give everyone a fright.
Crash, smash, a tree lands on my house, 
It goes straight through the window and lands on my mouse.
It rips holes  in the roof, that let the rain in, 
soon we'll be able to go for a swim.
The crashing, smashing horrible wind, 
the wind that damaged everything.

I wrote this in fact when I was only 10, it was for a school project just after the Great Storm of 1987. It was chosen along with some other pupils work to be displayed at Bromley Council "Trees for Tommorrow" exhibition.  it was read out by the mayor and they presented me with an engraved glass bell, one of four that were made for contributors to the event.

My Mum was then contacted by Muriel Searle who was writing a book called Bromley's Hurricane and wanted to include my poem!  I met Muriel at a book signing and got my photo taken with her, she signed my copy
"To Emma, poet of the hurricane"

It caused me great embarrassment at secondary school when it, and the accompanying photo was discovered by a "friend" but became part of my history and my Mum has had the poem framed on her wall ever since! So when I discovered one of the workshop prompts was "Storm" I thought it would be have to be rediscovered.

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  1. I really envy anyone who can write poetry. I am okay at writing, but never poetry. Sad isn't it? I like it so much.

    That was a lovely moment you wrote about.


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