Saturday, 31 July 2010

Summer holiday?

To me, a summer holiday usually means beaches, pools, and wall to wall sunshine, this year I'm doing things a little backwards as I'm leaving all of that behind and going back to England for 3 weeks.  Apart from travelling with a 14 month old baby and without the help and company of AJ I am really looking forward to it.

I've been here for 8 months now and although it has flown by it does seem an age since I saw my friends and family. It's not going to be a relaxing break as I have so much packed into the time I am there, but when was holidaying with a baby ever relaxing anyway!

I can't wait to catch up with my friends and family, and for them to see how much Leo has grown, he is almost walking and is developing a real little personality now, so different from when we left last November.

Also (and  I know this sounds very shallow) as importantly I am so looking forward to shopping! I cannot wait to hit Primark, Asda and Matalan, and even shops I used rarely like Next, Dorothy Perkins and Mothercare as they are cheap compared to out here. I already have a long list of things to buy and this is causing me problems with my packing!

As Leo does not have his own seat on the plane I have a 20 kilo luggage allowance between the two of us, so I am trying to pack as little as possible to maximise space and weight for the journey home! This is not made any easier y the unpredictable English weather - although I know what I'm doing and where I'm going on different days, how the hell can I work out what I'll want to wear!    That'll be a good reason to shop when I get there then!

Listening to other ex-pats out here, most of them say they are "going home" when they go to England, for us we made a point since arriving to always refer to "England" rather than "back home" I think it helps you to settle in better as how can you ever feel at home when you keep talking as if it is somewhere else? I've been talking about my trip as "going on holiday" or "going back"

It will be interesting to go back, I wonder how it will make me feel? Will I feel like I want to stay or will I be glad to come home at the end. I think 3 weeks will be long enough and I will be pleased to return after doing all I've planned. It will be a busy but fun time and I know that "real life" would be different. I think that enough time has passed now from leaving and so much has changed in how my life would be if I was still there that I will be ok.  Maybe if I had gone several months earlier before I felt settled here it would be different.
I'll keep you updated.....


  1. Suspect it'll just feel chilly in England! take a pullover...

  2. Jean@MommyToTwoBoys9 October 2012 at 20:38

    Now that this post is 6 months old I wonder how the trip was? Did you get in some great shopping? Were you able to fit it all on the way home? Guess I will ahve to read to find out.

    I liked what you said about calling it going home. I lived in Florida for 5 years and always referred to Connecticut as home. But that was where my heart was and where I wanted to eventually end up again. So I guess it was ok, but your reasoning is so right. Calling it home does keep you from settling in elsewhere.

  3. I hope you had a really great time! And that you made as much use as possible of that 20 kilo luggage allowance!


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