One day.....

One day Leo will sleep through the night, and get up later than 6am
One day he'll learn how to speak and ask for things rather than randomly screeching while I try to guess what he wants.
One day he will know how to sit down so will not shout whilst holding onto the sofa because he has dropped his toy.
One day he will walk and we can go out exploring without him eating sand, twigs, drinking sea water trying to crawl over gravel etc. etc.
One day I will not be saying "No" a million times a day to him.
One day I will not be worrying about him climbing on furniture, destroying things or throwing toys over the balcony.
One day I will not watch Cbeebies or "Wheels on the bus" constantly. 

But, one day I'll be worrying about something else just as much or maybe more so.
One day I'll wonder what happened to my funny little chatty toddling man and have forgotten the broken sleep and early mornings.
One day he will not want to sit on my lap for cuddles or laugh his head off while I blow raspberries on his belly.

Today, we got up having had little sleep due to a new tooth coming through, I got weetabix in my hair as we had breakfast, and have been poked in the eye and screeched at many times already, but we have had snuggles on the sofa and plenty of laughs and giggles already. The sun is shining and I'm going to enjoy this day while it is here.


  1. That is all so true . Have to make the most of each day however knackered we are because time passes by just too fast.they grow up too fast. X

  2. Hey there, i'm a new follower from Friendly Friday Follow. Lovely blog... and your son is adorable!!

    Underneath His Wrapping

  3. newest follower. i know just what you are sayin:)do follow back if you can. happy weekend!!

  4. That would be a good start! Hope you get your own one day :)

  5. Everyone has moments like this - but they do fade, and with them the good bits fade too. It's all one day at a day time when they're little. Because then you realise they're not little anymore.

  6. I'm hoping you're getting the full night's sleep now??? You know what they say - little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems. And the worrying never stops!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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