Saturday, 5 June 2010

The week that was...

It's been a long week this week, one which started off by my discovery that there was more month than money left in the bank, not great two days before a party! Fortunately we were saved by a good friend of ours and cake ingredients, jelly and beer (well, if you're going to be outnumbered by toddlers you may as well have a drink or three!) were purchased and all was well.

The party went very well, the birthday boy seemed to enjoy himself and in fact all the kids seemed to play very nicely.

He ate loads of food, and ended up wearing lots too! Then happily crawled around playing with his friends and lots of new toys.

It was Sunday that it all went downhill, after a nice family afternoon round the pool Leo woke from a nap feeling very hot and was not  a happy bunny. I ended up being up most of Sunday night with him. He woke about every 10 - 20 minutes, despite being "calpol'ed up to his eyeballs and with a combination of air con and fan near his cot. Monday morning I took him to the hospital to see the doctor, this is a fairly painful process to me with the combination of a very long wait and my inability to understand what they say (they speak English, but I'm rubbish still at understanding through the accent - my fault I know so not complaining and MUST learn Greek!)

I left 3 hours after arriving not being much better off, advice was to give him calpol and come back in two days if no change or earlier if he got worse. Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same, Tuesday night AJ was up till 4am with him as he would only sleep whilst being held, Thursday night was a little better but on Friday morning he woke with a big red rash all over his body.

So off we went, this time to A&E, he was not at all happy - crying and moaning and throwing himself about. It was quite scary being at the hospital on my own although some of that was just due to me being a bit rubbish at stuff like this, the rest was down to the fact that there were two doctors talking about the problem in Greek and mentioning "Lefkosia" a lot which I know is where the children's hospital is.
He was examined, and promptly threw up all over the place - he hates people fussing with him and got himself so worked up that when they tried to look in his mouth the inevitable happened! An amusing point for me was when the doctor said "Oh dear, he wants to make vomit"

The final conclusion was a viral infection, 3 day fever followed by a rash along with laryngitis. they put him on a nebulizer and gave him some medicine. I was given a prescription to collect and we were done. I brought him home, all sleepy and traumatised from the examining and being pinned down with a mask on his face, I gave him his "raff" (favourite toy) and he laid straight on the floor.....bless him!

Last night he slept well and I was so pleased when woke this morning all smiley and chatting, even though it was only 5am! Today he has had some big sleeps but in between is much more like the happy chap we know and love.

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