Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood

This week's prompt from The Gallery is Motherhood. It's taken me a couple of days to think about this one and even still I don't feel there are the right words to describe what motherhood means to me, I could come up with many different words but I don't feel I would have done it justice.

Looking through my pictures, (and that takes a couple of days!) I was having a hard time deciding, until that is I came across this one.

During my pregnancy I had planned to breastfeed, I had a couple of bottles which I planned to use after a while with expressed milk, and had NO formula (hence the midnight dash to buy formula) but breast feeding didn't happen. I decided before Leo's birth that I wouldn't beat myself up about it if it wasn't working for us and apart from a slight hormonal wobble I didn't.

Obviously breast milk is the "ideal" as it's designed for the purpose but I have a healthy happy little boy who doesn't seem to be disadvantaged in any way and I don't feel bad about it. I loved feeding him as any much as anyone, and so did AJ.

I love this picture as it reminds me of all the time I spent like that, at the time I didn't show many people as it felt like everyone was breast feeding but it captures a happy moment.


  1. What a gorgeous picture ;)

  2. Sian - MummyTips / CyberMummy Here...... I've just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.
    Do add to your blogroll if you like what you read...


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