The Gallery - Creatures

This weeks Gallery prompt from Tara is Creatures. 

This is Ellie our dog that we had to sadly find a new home for last October just before we moved, being mainly black she did not do well in the heat, especially as she always insisted on sunbathing until you could hardly touch her coat!
Ellie came to us from a dog disliking  friend of mine who had been persuaded to re-home her by her kids in a moment of weakness, it turned out that the kids were also non-fussed about her and eventually they all decided she had to go.

I have grown up with dogs and AJ had always wanted one so she was a welcome addition to our family in 2003. She is a lovely friendly mad thing, always nicknamed "The Puppy" despite being about 10 years old due to her excitement and energy for everything.

I've been asked since if I know how she is doing in her new home, she has gone to a friend of a friend up in Cambridge, apart from hearing that she settled in well I have heard no more....actually that's just how I would like it to be, I would hate to hear if anything bad happened now - rather remember her being happy and settled in her new life too.


  1. What a lovely mother (Grandma in Cyprus) lives just down the road from you in Sotira...she moved there three years ago...and I love going to Konnos beach when we visit...

  2. oh yes...I meant to say she took her dogs with her...but they are Jack Russels, and spend the high heat iin doors!

  3. I'd be like you, I would prefer to think everything was going really well in the new home, I hope it is. Lovely photo:) Jen.

  4. what a lovely dog, hopefully she is still happy in her new home and it would have been prob too much for her to take her to cyprus with you so i think you made the right decision for her. Hope the weather is beautiful in sunny cyprus! x

  5. What a lovely "puppy" sounds like the best decision for her, I'm sure she's enjoying her latter years in Cambridge.

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  7. We rehomed a cat when we left Canada and I also haven't asked how she is doing, I feel bad about it, but like you I'd rather just remember her happily setting in when we left her...


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