Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dear so and so

Dear Weather,
I know I've given you a hard time for years, you've been too cold, too wet, too windy and generally rubbish and unpredictable to me for years in the UK. I don't mean to complain now but I'm really trying to get used to this hot sunny stuff which I've found out means it's summer. I'm really hot, but it's all good honest and I'd rather it this way, just maybe could you share it about a bit and send some to England, there's more than enough here and perhaps we could share?

from a slightly sweaty Emma

Dear Leo, Well done little man for learning to say "ta" it's adorable and very polite, especially as you are doing it unprompted when given things now. I think you are going to be walking soon too as you are really starting to get the hang of "cruising" along the sofa!

From your loving Mummy.

Dear AJ,
Thank you, for working so hard to look after us and for wanting to move to Cyprus. I admire you for being the main catalyst for us being here, making it all happen and now working your arse off to keep us here. I would be really struggling in your situation with the unknown of working in a new country and with a 3 way language barrier. I'm very proud of you.

love wifey.

Dear Friends in England,
Remember me?  We have a phone line and internet here so please feel free to keep in contact. I gave you all our details, skype is free and with the cheap number to call it's much cheaper for you to ring me rather then vice-versa, not that I mind ringing you but I'm not doing all the running, did enough of that before I left.
Miss you all, well most of you!

Your organiser friend.

Dear Internet,
What would I do without you, thank you for being my saviour in life. We've been friends for many years now but never so much as now, you have kept me sane since being here, and upset me with your occasional sudden departures but I forgiven you for those and apologise for the things I may have said at the time.

Your biggest fan.


  1. Great post! Like the format you have used!

  2. Great post. I have no idea how I coped before the internet came along! I guess must have been OK but I don't get panicy when it breaks for some reason!

  3. That is meant to say I DO get panicy!!!


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