Monday, 24 May 2010

What's in your bag?

I feel have have officially joined the blogging world by being tagged  in my first meme,  What's In Your Bag?   So, thanks to rock and roll mummy I now feel like a propper blogger!   
Before we delve in, I just feel the need to explain the bag.... while pregnant I realised that I rarely carried a bag so could justify having a posh changing bag as it would be also my handbag for quite a while. Although realised that if I had a pink changing bag or suchlike it would lessen the likelihood of AJ taking said bag to change litte'un.

I brought a lovely changing bag with matching bottle bag  which I used for all of a week before I realised how annoying it was with straps that wouldn't stay on your shoulder or go over the buggy, as a temporary measure I started using the free boots bag that everyone gets with the nappies.... 1 year on and guess what? Yep still using the freebie bag, although being out here I've not seen any others - In the UK you can go to any baby group and see them everywhere!

So, what's in my (boring) bag?
Always.... nappies, wipes,bottles, purse, phone, ciggies and keys, for many years my mantra on leaving the house was "purse, phone, fags, keys" obviously that has evolved somewhat!
There is also lip balm, suncream, mosquito bite cream, a pen and a usb key (transferred some photos to my friend's laptop the other day)
There was, lots of sand and biscuit crumbs, a couple of dried up baby wipes and a tigger rattle!,
*note to self - must clean out bag more often*


  1. Thanks for the tag! Have done this one before, but I have a new bag with new things so may have another go!

    My mantra was Fags, phone, wallet, keys for many years. I still say it even though I gave up smoking 18 months ago!

  2. Thanks, babe! Welcome to blogland. I had a Cypriot boyfriend once. If you bump into him, tell him I still think he's a malaga! XX

  3. HOLA! Thanks for visiting Little M and I ;) You have NO idea what's in my bag - a whole lot of mess! hahahaha...
    Your Leo is very handsome. Tweet soon, Maria x


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