Sunday, 2 May 2010

Biggest surprise of your life??

I never realised how much of a reaction you can get when you answer a simple question, a question that everybody asks, I'd asked it previously, it's the natural follow up to... When are you due?, Is it your first? and sometimes comments such as Aren't you big? Are you sure there's only one in there?

Yep, you must have guessed... are you going to find out what you're having?

I had always assumed I would probably find out as soon as I got the opportunity unless AJ really didn't want to and then I might have been persuaded otherwise, but I'm not good with suspense! However he definitely wanted to know, and even said he would try and find out and not tell me if I didn't want to know!

After posting my first scan picture on Facebook and commenting we would find out at the next scan I was surprised to see the replies saying I shouldn't find out. I had similar reactions in "real life".... apparently it would be something I'd really regret and I'd be ruining the biggest surprise of my life. - surely not, as it can only be one of two options!

But the comments, along my my usual indecision and pregnancy hormones, through me into a dilemma, I got worried that I'd be disappointed when he/she/it was born that I hadn't had the big "reveal" and that my pregnancy would "lose the magic" (as one helpful person suggested!)

Once I'd got over that, with a bit of help from AJ I came back to my original decision, I wanted to know. I'm an organised kinda girl and didn't want just a few white and lemon baby-grows waiting to be joined with pink or blue, I knew I'd have a huge name dilemma and didn't want to have to think of two!

A few people said they didn't want to know what we were having if we did find out, it annoyed me at the time as IT WAS OUR BABY!! I still don't get why you would really care what sex someone else had, I've never heard a birth (and sex of baby) announcement and thought anything other than "lovely a healthy boy/girl"

I was, and still am surprised that people have such an opinion on finding out, I totally understand why you would want to, but also why you wouldn't, and don't see what difference it would make to anyone else.

Oh, and in case you are wondering.....did I regret it?

Not for a second!


  1. Greetings from Amman!
    I absolutely agree, we so wanted to find out as well and really it is nobody's business is it? We have never regretted either :) am now mum to a 9 months old baby girl. Don't know why everybody wants to be so involved in someone's pregnancy lol! But then if we didn't get attention either it would be wrong as well lol!

  2. Hello I found this post via Blog Gems! Thought i should inform you so you know I followed the instructions LOL x
    It's amazing how many people felt they had to share their opinion on this with you isn't it? After all, ultimately it is YOUR decision and you should be able to make it freely without guilt!
    I never wanted to know the sex during my first pregnancy because I like to guess and be surprised. This time round i didn't want to again but the OH did, however, the 20 week scan has been and gone now and I got my way for a second time! A lot of my friends prefer to find out and can't understand how i am able to wait and see but I can and i will.

  3. Hi-followed over from blog gems..Pregnancy is odd-all of a sudden strangers think they have some sort of right in your decision making processes..from finding out the sex all the way as to whether you will breast feed or not. I found people felt they could touch my belly whenever they felt like it as well...I knew all four times...and the magic was never diminished..:)

  4. absomolutely
    I found out too beforehand
    There is such a huge surprise and joy of meeting yout child - finding out the gender is only one small aspect

  5. I am a father of four and we found out only for the last because there were major medical issues we had to face at birth. But I agree with K-floortime - the experience is wonderful one way or the other.

    PS - I'm here from Blog Gems

  6. I had a mix of both, didn't know on the first (but felt myself he was a boy) and also had very strong feelings as to what gender my following two children were and had it confirmed at scans. If anything it increased the enjoyment of pregnancy for me that I could start thinking of my baby by his/her name, it felt more personal. Jen (thanks for joining in blog gems)

  7. Great post. I didn't find out. But do I care if others do? Er no. Good on you for doing what you thought was right. Visiting from Blog Gems.


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