Friday, 21 May 2010

The arrival.....

I really don't want to forget Leo's first few weeks but already they are hazy, saying that I think they were probably hazy at the time!
Yet again I listened to the advice of people telling me to savour the early days and just like my wedding day, and last weeks of pregnancy I am glad that I did. I do feel that I need to record them in some way so here goes....

Leo was born at 11.30am on May 29th, AJ was reluctantly at the birth, a fact that I thought he would be grateful for afterwards...NOPE! If we ever have any more then I know there is absolutely no chance of Daddy being present! In the end it was an assisted delivery with Leo needing some encouragement in the form of ventouse, not that it was Leo's fault - I only really got the hang of how to push very close to the end and by then it was 12 hours in and they needed to help.

Looking back now it seems almost like it all happened to someone else, as he was born the midwife took him to be cleaned up, something I had asked them to do especially as one of the reasons AJ had not wanted to be there was the unpleasant "birth bit". However as it was the doctor who delivered him, Leo was put straight onto me.... to which my loving motherly reaction was to scream and panic!

I had stitches which was very unpleasant, I made more fuss about this than I had during the entire delivery! It was about several minutes after Leo had been laying all clean and wrapped up that I realised and looked over... I wish I could remember exactly what I thought, I am fairly sure it wasn't the usual things you hear from new parents, it's normally very emotional, thankful (and to be honest a little bit gushing, but that's probably just my opinion!) I think it was something like, oh look, there's a baby...OHMYGOD that's mine!


  1. It's amazing how you do forget though. Probably because things change so fast. To me the first few months, not just weeks are hazy now.

  2. Congratulations! I think my first comment after my second was born was 'Thank God for that its over!" not like the films!

    I've just tagged you in a meme over at mine if you fancy it, I am also following your blog be great if you could check out mine as I am new to this!


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