Monday, 24 May 2010

6 months in Cyprus!

Wow, we've been in our new home 6 months already!
Time confuses me, how can it seem that we've been here forever as well as feeling like it's happened in the blink of an eye? It doesn't really feel like 6 months since I've not seen people I saw every week but I can hardly seem to remember being anywhere other than here!

I love it here, both our home and our adopted country. It took me longer than AJ to get it, it was a bigger change for me though once he started work. I went from being surrounded by people to help with Leo and friends I could ring and visit when needed, to having no car, no friends nearby and dealing with a baby for the first time on my own in a country I'd hardly spent any time in. AJ on the other hand was going to work and playing pool on a Wednesday with the boys and living in his own place for the first time in nearly two years.

I did have a few low days, no regrets though even at the time, I knew I had to give it time but the days can seem really long when it's cold and raining (yes, even in Cyprus!) you have no car and a baby to amuse all day.We've had a series of visitors which I think helped me to settle, it was lovely to see them all and I was so glad that I didn't have to go back to England each time I went to the airport. Although sad to see them go not knowing when I would see them again it was nice to come home to the three of us once more.

I'm not sure what changed, I think a few things just all came together - getting my own car, meeting some lovely people and creating a new routine, oh and then the sun properly came out. That was in April, and it's still here, a fact that pleases me every day.

This is the view a month or so ago from our bedroom, the yellow flowers have gone now. For a few weeks they were everywhere you looked.

I have a 3 week trip back to the UK booked for August, I am very much looking forward to it but will be pleased to come home at the end. Had I done it a little earlier it may not have been so easy but enough time has passed for me to think of here as my home. It will be interesting to visit and I am excited about seeing friends and family and hitting Primark like a woman possessed!

AJ does not miss England in any way, shape or form, he would be happy not to set foot there again I think. Obviously he misses his family but he would rather they came here, at least they get a holiday from it! I'm not even sure what I miss, apart from friends and family... the shopping is the big one, I do miss the cheap shops - Asda, Primark and Matalan. Clothes, especially baby clothes are expensive here but on the upside I'll probably spend less money in the long run by not buying things I don't really need!
I miss some food items, but it's made up by the haloumi, cheaper wine and fresher fruit and veg! And the things that I would have brought are still available just twice the price!
That's about it, I don't miss the weather, and the constant complaining about it, the politics (I timed it well to miss the election methinks)  and the general lifestyle.

All in all, it's going rather well.....


  1. have been in Amman for 4 and a half months & i still don't realise lol! I love it here and have the impression we have lived here forever! like you going back "home" in August and am really looking forward to it!

  2. Glad you've also settled well, thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'm rather jealous! I lived in Cyprus when I was a child. I went to Famagusta many many times with my family.
    Looking forward to reading more about your lives there.


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