Saturday, 1 May 2010

Little white sticks

Bit of background... In 2008 AJ and I had been married 4 years, we were slightly differing on the baby plan, Although we both wanted one, he wasn't as impatient as me, so for a year or so we had been "not trying not to" if that makes sense!
Not a bad way to go as in theory it takes some of the stress away of trying to get pregnant, it does however give you a monthly dilemma of "Am I or aren't I?"
I was very chilled (compared to many) about the whole thing, trying to not think too much about why I had not instantly got pregnant, something I spent my early 20's being terrified about! But as each month passed I was very slowly having doubt about if it would happen.

Saying that, I was also worried about it actually happening! I had never spent muck time with babies and really had no idea what to do with them, we were also in the planing stages of our move to Cyprus and I did wonder if it was a good time.

Over the months I did several tests, and reacted to the empty window on the stick with just a shrug of the shoulders and a few drinks, remember we were not officially trying so it wasn't yet a problem, I can only imagine how horrible it must be to get that month after month of real trying.

So, September came and I had a vague feeling it could be the month, I was waiting to test as I usually tested and then found out for myself a few hours later but AJ was convinced by the sudden size increase of my boobs that I had to be PG! I brought a test on the way home from work one Friday, and a box of tampax as I was feeling slightly pessimistic!

Got home, wee'd on a stick and....OHMYGOD there's a line in the window!!!!!

I came out the bathroom and called to AJ, I nervously waved the stick around (with the cap back on!) and he said with a smile..."told you!" All I remember is tapping myself on the head with the stick in a kind of shock to which he remarked "You've pee'd on that, don't do that!"

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