Monday, 22 February 2010

Nearly 3 months in Cyprus

I find it hard to believe we haven't yet been living here for 3 months! I assume it is a good sign that it feels like we have been here forever?
So much has happened in such a short time that our first few weeks here appear to be such a long time ago.

We had our first visitors this week, (Aaron'sMum and his two of his nephews) and it was great to show them around, it also makes you see the place in a slightly different light. The weather has also changed in the last week or so - there is a definite feel of spring (summer to us!) in the air. In the last week we have been to the beach three times! It's not yet sunbathing weather - not that it would be easy to sunbathe with a mad 9 month old baby, but it's so lovely to be out and about in the sunshine.

I have a car now which is making a world of difference to me as I was getting cabin fever being stuck indoors while Aaron was at work. I love my car - it's a Mitsubishi Mirage - I had never heard of that model before but it's perfect - plenty of room for buggy, shopping and assorted random stuff!

I've "met" (online) a few more Mum's in Cyprus in this area and hopefully will meet them in real life soon. Next week I'm planning to take Leo to "Jingle Jangles" which is a music session for 0 -3 year olds. He loves music so I'm sure he'll really enjoy it and we'll get to meet some more Mum's and babies.


  1. There's such a positive note in this post - I love it. I can almost feel summer coming for you and bringing some sunshine to your move.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro today! :-)

  2. Having been reading your blog only recently it is lovely to go back and see such a positive earlier post :) Jen (visiting from weekend rewind)


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