Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What next?

The big question now is "when are we going!" and that is a very good question! Currently Aaron is looking for work and as soon as he finds something we are off pretty much. We have already sold our house so it makes sense to move asap as we are now paying the mortgage.

Our immediate plans are a 4 day trip (child free as He's off to my mother-in-laws for the duration!) in November which is my wedding anniversary/birthday present from Aaron.
Then we are going for 5 weeks over Christmas/New Year. We are having all our stuff shipped to arrive in the 1st week of December so we have time to get a bit sorted out by Christmas - and get the deccy's up of course :)

At the moment our conservatory is stuffed full of boxes ready to go, I think Aaron would be happy never to see another bit of bubble wrap or packing tape - he has spent ages getting everything ready. I think we are nearly sorted now though, just got to make a final decsion on which company to use for the shipping, although I think we've decided against the cheapest one we found as they didn't have a clue where Derynia was but said not to worry as they use Google maps!!!!!

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