Sunday, 20 September 2009

So why Cyprus really????

After my standard answer of "Why the hell not!" I do have some actual reasons believe it or not!

I think one reason I struggle to answer the question is that lots of the reasons seem to obvious to me now. It also goes back to the thought I had that everyone wanted to emigrate, and they would if they could.

Some of my reasons - well without wanting to state the glaringly obvious but... the weather, I know everyone moans about the weather in the UK but I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate the weather here. Although I do wonder what the hell people talk about when the weather is completley predictable!

The Mediterranen lifestyle, outdoor living, more relaxed (in some ways)- attitude to familes, great for kids.
No Health & safety madness (although I'm sure some of it would probably be good the UK surrvived for all these years)
Less crime, more freedom for kids
Good healthcare, state schools which follow the same style as UK, simliar legal system.
No huge language barrier as most people speak very good English (Although we are learning Greek)

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