Friday, 18 September 2009

"People don't just move abroad"

It turns out that the whole moving idea came about after a conversation between my Dad & A. Dad said he would love to move abroad but Mum would never go and leave me behind. As A. would go in a heartbeat but knew I would'nt want to leave Mum and Dad they thought this an idea worth pursuing!

When A asked me, my inital reaction was "Don't be ridiculous" Apart from the fact I didn't want to leave my family and friends my main reason was "People don't just move abroad" At that time I completely belived that everyone wanted to move abroad but just didn't because you can't! I was genuinely surprised to find out that most people, although they may talk about it and say how jealous they are would have no intention of actually doing it themselves.

I always said I would move abroad when I retired (the time I assumed I suppose that you "could") Aaron pointed out that as I was 29 that was quite a way off! Also, as I had always wanted a big family if we had kids there would be NO WAY I would go and leave them here, so why wait all that time - afterall could get hit by a bus tommorrow!

Cyprus was the favoured destination of my parents who had been going there many years, I had never been but had been on holidays to Greece and Turkey and asummed it to be somewhere between the two. (Which it is but you know what I mean!) Althought I had enjoyed those previous holidays I couldn't see myself living somewhere like that.

On this assumption I was surpised I suppose that my Dad would choose Cyprus, I had always imagined if anyone it would be somewhere Spanish, so it was clear that a trip was needed so I could see for myself.

We didn't have the money for a holiday so we booked a viewing trip with a property company, no intention to buy, after all that would be silly on a 3 day trip to a new country - you should at least wait until the 2nd viewing trip......


  1. It must have been scary and exciting to move abroad! I wouldn't want to leave my family behind either!

  2. Wow! I never realised it happened like this!! :) x

  3. I am assuming you are in Cyprus, since that is what your bio says, so how funny that this is how it began? On such an idea rather than a firm decision. It must be so fun to look back at this post and remember how it happened.

  4. Wow, what a great first taste of your blog. I love that you actually did what so many people talk about doing.

  5. How amazing that you actually ended up making the move! I'm impressed.

    This is my first time joining in on Blog Gems. My first post was Where to start?.

  6. Awesome - it sounds so exotic to move abroad - my biggest move was from Illinois to Ohio! Not very exotic! I look forward to catching up on your adventures!

  7. I knew you had upped, lock stock and barrel but never realised your parents did too :D How brilliant is least, I assume they did. I am going to have to read on and find out more :D Thanks for joining in Blog Gems :) Jen

  8. Thanks for all your comments, I know we are a bit mad but why not! So many people talk about doing something so much but then never do it, so we thought "why the hell not!"

    @ Jen - they will have next year! We both brought places at the same time but we moved a year earlier than planned, they will be here in March :)


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